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The Comic Art of Anson Jew
Saturday Nite #1
The Xeric Foundation awarded me a good chunk of money to self-publish this comic.  Overall, it was a
good learning experience, exposing me to the world of publishing without any expense on my part.  Reader
response was very positive,  and I got great fan mail from as far away as Glasgow and Paris.  Critical
reception was good as well; some review excerpts follow: 

"Anson Jew's Saturday Nite comic book (#1 and #2) provides a stunning example of how to do
black-and-white." --R.C. Harvey, Comic Buyers Guide 

"...if this is where Anson Jew is starting from, then where he goes will be amazing.  Buy this book and
encourage him to get there." --Nick, Alternative Comix Kiva 

"If there's room in your bag for something beyond superheroes, this is definitely a title worth checking out."
--C.J. Henderson,