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The Comic Art of Anson Jew
Saturday Nite #2
The second issue of Saturday Nite expanded the title to 32 pages.  The second story, "Flight 96", is a 
completely silent story based on the storyboards I did for my 16mm short film of the same name. 

 "Anson Jew's SATURDAY NITE is about as far removed from traditional superhero comic books you can
get.  The first two issues of this self-published anthology series reminds me of an early Jim Jarmusch film.
Jew creates simple, yet compelling stories through the use of the illustrated image.  SATURDAY NITE is a
perfect example of what the art of sequential story telling is about, presented on a very real, down-to-earth
level." --Badazz Mofo Magazine 

"If you're a fan of thoughtful slice-of-life comics, buy (Saturday Nite) and keep Anson drawing." --John
Jackson Miller, Comics Buyer's Guide